InlayLink is a high-tech enterprise which specializes in design, R&D and production of RFID tag antenna.

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Etched Aluminum Antenna,our major products, as one important part of a Tag or Smart Label, has played a vital role on determine the working life.

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Publication Date: Jan.27th,2016 The Internet of things is be talking about all over the world, in this emerging field, China and India seem to be more positive.In fact, Companies in China and India are even ahead of their peers, according to Forrester´s data, these two places already have 75% of the company has developed or planned deployment of Internet of things applications, and another 20% are very interested in it.


Publication Date: Jan.27th,2016 Gartner, a market research firm, predicts that 64 million Internet of things (IOT) device will be used over the world in 2016, up 30 per cent than last year, then there will be 5.5 million devices networked daily.


Publication Date: Dec.15th,2015 With the open of IoT era, the IoT technology and equipment is gradually permeated into all professions and trades, according to research agency forecast, by 2018 the global smarter healthcare expenditure, such as remote monitoring, diagnostic equipment, assisted living, physiological data monitoring, etc.


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Publication Date: Dec.3rd,2015 According to the CEO RaghuDas of the IDTechEx company revealed , as of 2014,about 7.5 billion pieces of RFID tags with digital coding have been sold around the world.


Publication Date: Jun.18th,2015 Recently,”The Golden Ants Award” Selection has announced the results in 2015 China IOT Exposition.SIS was awarded the “Best Industrial Supporting” prize after the experts review panel checked “The RFID Aluminum Etched Antenna” project submitted by SIS.


Publication Date: May.27th,2015 Do we want to live in a world where people implant chips under their skin so they can access a building’s doors, photocopiers and other systems?


Publication Date: May.27th,2015 The apparel industry is embracing radio frequency identification with perhaps more ardor than any other sector. Its nearly endless host of stock-keeping units (SKUs), combined with rapid item turnover at the retail level, make apparel inventories notoriously difficult to manage.


Publication Date: May.27th,2015 Most distribution centers these days are required to ship items bearingRFID inlays to customers, but few are reaping the benefits that can be achieved from utilizing radio frequency identification in their warehouse-management system (WMS) software.