RFID Copper Etching HF Antenna

RFID Copper Etching HF Antenna (HF Antenna), is one of our new products, its working frequency: 13.56±0.2MHz. Currently our min line width and line distance could meet 0.1mm, etching accuracy ±0.03mm. Compare with Aluminum Etching antenna, Copper Antenna get higher accuracy, Anti-high temperature, and much more durable. 


Basic Information

MaterialThicknessWeb WidthDelivery Width
Cu35μm/18μm/12μm/9μm250mmSingle row(>35mm or multi-rows)

Technical Specifications

Antenna ProcessMinimum Trace WidthMinimum Trace SpaceFrequencyMatched ChipInstant Heat ResistanceStorage Temperature
Rol to Roll  Aluminum Etched0.1mm0.1mm13.56±0.2MHzAll RFID Wafers10 Seconds at 250°C-5~25°C