2017 Spring Festival Gala

Release time:2017-02-05


(Moderator opening)

In January 27, 2017, all the employees of Shanghai Inlay Link Inc. has gathered in the headquarters, and held 2017 Spring Festival gala.


(The representative of excellent employees shared their experiences)

In the gala, our company chairman Mr. Li has made a opening speech to clear the company's new year's development direction, and expressed the blessing to all the staff. On the spot, we commended the excellent employees of the year, and the representatives of them shared their experiences.


(Varied programs)

At the scene, with cheers and laughter, varied programs performed by each department staff were wonderful.


(The chorus sang by the company's leadership)

Finally, The chorus "ambition in my chest" sang by the company's leadership climaxed the atmosphere. 2017 Spring Festival gala came to an end satisfactorily.