IOT Promotes Smarter Heathcare, The Expenditure in Creased by 60% in The Next Three Years

Release time:2016-01-14


With the open of IoT era, the IoT technology and equipment is gradually permeated into all professions and trades, according to research agency forecast, by 2018 the global smarter healthcare expenditure, such as remote monitoring, diagnostic equipment, assisted living, physiological data monitoring, etc., will reach 30 billion dollar, global smarter healthcare expenditure from 2016 to 2018 in compound growth rate will reach 60%.

With the rise of the concept of the IoT, a large number of new technologies, new products, new applications, new models continue to emerge, and promote manufacturing and people’s lives become more intelligent. In the health care, using all kings of IoT new technology importing, so that the quality of medical services can continue to improve. In addition to the medical services, due to the need of smarter healthcare, robotics, cloud, medical equipment and other related industries are also got promoting.

The current development trend of the aging society is obvious, for the society as a whole, it not only changes the population structure, but also affects the structure of the whole medical service. Smarter healthcare will change the current status of medical services, inside and outside the hospital, and the relationship between doctors and patients, the medical service will be more flexible and open. For example, the establishment of the information platform of electronic medical records and disease will helps the hospital paperless and further open up the patient information sharing mechanism.

Not only that, the IoT technology importing will also speed up the development of medical cloud platform, nursing robot, high precision medical equipment, and it is expected to become a new business opportunities in the medical industry

The health / medical cloud platform includes four main lines of medical, health care, nursing and prevention, combining with the terminal, information and communication technology, and it can make the personal medical records, patient information management and health promotion and other medical information services get overall improvement. It is predicted that the health / medical cloud platform market size will exceed 7 billion dollar.

And nursing robot has become one of the major business opportunities in medical service. The company, communication, support and other functions will become an important trend in the future evolution.

In the high precision medical equipment, the Internet of things technology has a wider deployment space, the integration development of parts, key materials, hardware and software are the areas to be expanded.

Of course, driven by the internet of things, in the future, how to use big data analysis, and effectively make the traditional medical services have more ways of information exchange and service, in the case of compliance with the relevant laws and regulations, make the information moderate opening and circulation, for the medical management system which gets through the hospitals, cross regional, they all become the problem that must be considered in the reform of medical industry.

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