Annpuncement of Business Name Change

Release time:2015-11-12

Dear Valued Clients, suppliers and cooperative partners,

For the need of business development, our company has legally changed the Chinese name from “上海英内电子标签有限公司” into “上海英内物联网科技股份有限公司”( refered to as “英内物联”), and accordingly, the English name from Shanghai Inlay Smarttag Co.,Ltd. into Shanghai Inlay Link Inc( refered to as “INLAYLINK”). While our legal representative, registered business address and contact information remain unchanged.

All legal liabilities and obligations of business and operating activities under the name of "Shanghai Inlay Smarttag Co.,Ltd." will be undertaken by "Shanghai Inlay Link Inc.". The rename shall have no influence on the rights and obligations between you and our company. All contracts/agreements between you and "Shanghai Inlay Smarttag Co.,Ltd." shall be valid, with the rights and obligations of "Shanghai Inlay Smarttag Co.,Ltd." being succeeded by "Shanghai Inlay Link Inc.".

Your understanding of the inconveniences caused by the change of our name will be highly appreciated. Thank you for your long-term attention and support. We will endeavor to provide you with quality products and services as always.


Shanghai Inlay Link Inc.

Nov 1st,2015