Release time:2015-06-06


1.SHANGHAI INLAY LINK INC. (hereunder refered to as “INLAYLINK”), is a prestigious high-tech enterprise specialized in design, R&D and production of RFID antenna, having the registered address at No. 164 Xuanchun Road, Pudong, Shanghai, PRC.

2. Some certain companies implicated or exaggerated to be our foundries, distributors or affiliates in their advertises or promotions (hereunder refered to as “Infringers”).

INLAYLINK  hereby issues this declaration to definitize as follows:

1. No authorization has been given to any foundries, distributors or affiliates to manufacture, except for those mentioned on the official website or those who hold written authorization issued by SHANGHAI INLAY LINK INC.

2. INLAYLINK sincerely and strongly suggests that all related customers could discern the true from false and be prevented from unnecessary damages and losses.

3. The Infringers are requested to immediately desist from any infringement.

4. INLAYLINK reserves the right to bring suits, claims, and actions against any Infringer’s any aforementionned behavior.