Library management and document filing is a traditional field that takes a lot of manpower. The fast reading feature of the RFID can help the traditional industry to reduce the manpower usage and massively improve lots of issue which are barely solved in the traditional ways such as dislocation, label defacement, book counting and so on.

RFID can achieve many scenario of man-machine interaction, including self-help books borrow and return, searching book and the other functions, makes the traditional library to upgrade to a scientific and technological management operations.

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HYD2044 UCode 7 100*3mm 104*7mm
HYD2046 UCode 7 100*3mm 104*7mm
HYD2055 UCode 7 100*3mm 104*7mm
HYD2056 UCode 7 100*3mm 104*7mm
HYD2057 UCode 7 100*3mm 104*7mm
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