RFID has a bulk read feature that can read a group of tags in a short time, which can help the retailer to cut the point-of-sales management cost promptly and improve the inventory accuracy and efficiency.

Not only saving cost, RFID can also help the retailer to effectively manage the inventory, solve the ordering time issue, increase the available cash. And RFID can be used for the customer relationship management to find out the best-selling products, reduce the shortage, increase turnover and create value.

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Antenna Shape



Antenna Dimension

Product Dimension


HYD0002 Monza 4 Series 60*15mm 60*19mm
HYD2051 UCode 7 50*30mm /
HYD0001 Monza 5 56*30mm 60*34mm
HYD2049 Monza R6 / R6P 40*15mm 43*18mm
HYD2061 UCode 7 40*15mm 43*18mm
HYD2063 Monza R6 / R6P 50*30mm /
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