In the consuming industry, High-Frequency RFID (HF) and the Near-Field-Communication ?NFC? has become a shortcut that the brands can directly connect to the consumers. Through combination of the products and the NFC label, the consumers can use their mobile phones to directly connect to the brands. The customer relationship management information is more transparent and the brand is also easier to grasp the customer movement.

In addition to consumer industries, other intelligent factories, industrial 4.0, agricultural technology and so on applications, but also through the RFID to complete the informatization.

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Antenna Dimension

Product Dimension


HYD1001 M1 EV1 ∅25mm /
HYD1002 SLI-X 45*45mm /
HYD1004 Ntag213 ∅25mm /
HYD2029 Higgs 3 93*19mm 95*21mm
HYD1007 SLI-X 33*15mm /
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