Printing and packaging directly related to the product from the factory, through the logistics, distribution channels to the final consumers. The rapid response of RFID can make every in-and-out process informatization and maximize the utility of the value chain.

Importing RFID into the printing and packaging industry, not only to establish a full information of intelligent factories, but also for the current retailing and logistics industry. It’s a revolutionary breakthrough to improve the traditional information opaque issues, and make the information is more flattened.

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Antenna Shape



Antenna Dimension

Product Dimension


HYD2008 UCode 7 50*30mm /
HYD2006 UCode 7 65*18mm 74*22mm
HYD2032 Monza 4 Series 44*44mm 46*46mm
HYD2058 Monza R6 / R6P 65*18mm /
HYD2065 Monza 5 65*18mm /
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