RFID Tag Antenna, as an important component of smart tag, will affect tag working shelf life, performance, and reading range.

INLAYLINK has RFID etched aluminum antenna invention patent and more than fifty other patents related to RFID Tag Antenna, sells about 40% of the total global RFID antenna quantity.

Our long-term partners in RFID Tag Antenna business include Arizon RFID Technology, and Alien, etc.


With advanced production techniques and a professional R&D team ,
we can provide ideal solutions to meet your demands.

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RFID antenna design, R&D, production capacity and professional services are customers' primary concerns. After dedicating in RFID antenna field more than 10 years, INLAYLINK is capable of understanding and predicting all customers' needs, can provide customized antenna design, manufacture and professional solutions. It also can do OEM according to customers' designs and demands.  

If you have any questions, please contact us, we will try our best to provide satisfactory answers.  

Please contact us to discuss the suitable solutions for you.

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